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We value teaching and preaching that is:

  • Sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is saying.
  • Biblically sound and includes expository preaching.
  • Includes humour, great stories, real experiences and testimonies.
  • Creative.
  • Applicable.
  • Foundational and ‘Meaty’.

We value prophecy:

  • When it is a normal part of the church culture.

We value services that:

  • Has great corporate worship that is well facilitated and executed.
  • Worship led with sincerity.
  • Include times of celebration.
  • Are sensitive towards seekers.
  • Allows the opportunity for children to contribute and be involved.
  • Sees God’s power displayed through prophecy, prayer and miracles.
  • Allows time to experience and soak in God’s presence.
  • Are relevant, surprising and thriving.
  • Genuine, gentle, honest, sincere.
  • Leaves room up the front for prayer afterwards and lots of different people available to pray.

We value ministry times that includes:

  • times of playing the piano during ministry times during prayer times of healing for people.
  • Guest speakers and time of ministry for encouragement

We value events:

  • That provide equipping and enrichment such as parenting courses, marriage enrichment.
  • Fun together at events for families like Christmas, conferences, camps and BBQ’s.
  • Memorable moments such as baptism, confession of faith.

We value Experiencing God holistically:

  • Knowing and experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Through praying for one another.
  • Experiencing health and wholeness.
  • Experiencing God in all dimensions of life (heart, mind, soul and spirit) and in all aspects of the community.

27-May-2017 NZ Healing Rooms training day

We are hosting an 'Encountering God NZ trainin..

11-Aug-2017 Bethel Sonship Conference

Bethel Sonship Conference with Matt Landsdowne..

08-Sep-2017 Wild, Strong and Free Women's Conference

Wild, Strong and Free Women's Conference. Wit..

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28-May-2017 10am Gideon Hoekendijk


28-May-2017 6pm Prayer and Worship Night

This is a time to pray for the City as the Hol..

04-Jun-2017 10am Gideon Hoekendijk


11-Jun-2017 10am Katherine Ruonala


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25-May-2017 Harmony Youth -

Hang out from 6.30 with food! This term we ar..

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09-Apr-2017 Young Adults meeting

6.30pm in the Upper Room..

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Harmony Healing Rooms

Catherine Hoekendijk - Monday, May 22, 2017
This year as part of what we believe God has called us to, we would like to start a Healing Rooms. This is a place where people are able to come for prayer for physical or other healing. We will be hosting a training day with Julie Calvert and others from Healing Rooms New Zealand on Saturday 27th of May form 9am until 4pm. If you are interested in attending this event, please email (http://) for a registration form. We have not yet decided on a regular opening  
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